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Accessibility policies

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Using decorative images

A decorative image does not add information to the content of a page. Unlike an informative image, a decorative image can be hidden from screen readers. To help prevent confusing, redundant and/or tedious experience, we at have set decorative images to be hidden from screen readers.

Examples (See visual screenshots below):

  • An icon with adjacent text
  • An illustration that makes the page more attractive, but is non-essential to understanding the content
  • A screenshot image with a caption

If the image is decorative, the alt attribute (sometimes referred to as “alt tag”) would be empty (Example: alt=""), so the user knows that it is intentionally left empty. An empty alt attribute communicates that an image is decorative.

Avoid ommitting the alt attribute altogether. If the alt attribute is not used, a screen reader will read out the full filename to the user, which is not an accessible or good user experience.

If an image is informative, we add a description with a caption, alt attribute, title attribute, or aria-label attribute.

Example: A decorative icon with an adjacent text

Example: A decorative illustration that makes the page more attractive

Additional resources on decorative images: